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Book appointment with Us @ ₹499
Call us sit back and relax ! Our Doctor's will be on the way to take care of your precious pet.
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Best pet care available
now in Bangalore & Mumbai.
Experience the doorstep sevice like never before
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Save yourself a ride
We walk, run and ride to your doortstep
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Feeling sick? Can't visit the clinic?
No Problems, we'll visit you
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What are our services

we provide all types of treatment



Have your pets vaccinated at home, without paying any more than you would at a clinic? No car ride, no waiting room, no stress! Our vaccine includes a full consultation and physical examination for Dogs & Cats. Click read more for exciting offers.

General treatment

general treatment

No car ride, no waiting room, no stress! Just give a call on Kvet's. We will fix your appointment with experience veterinary doctor, he will reach at your doorstep to treat your pet.



Our Kvets team performs a fecal analysis on all new puppies and kittens. If your pet does have a parasite problem, our veterinarians can provide you with different medications and treatments to remedy the problem and steer your pet back to good health.

Flea and tick control

flea tick control

(Skin Treatment ) Like most pet owners, you probably enjoy spending quality time with your pets both indoors and out. Don’t leave them at risk for any unwelcome visits from pesky parasites like fleas and ticks.

Spaying / Neutering


Reducing the Risk of Cancer Now spay/neuter your pet at just @Rs 4444/- onwards.
The most common cancer preventive step.
Click read more for exciting offers.

Pet Lab Diagnosis

Pet Lab Diagnosis

Kvets also provides Pet diagnostic lab at home services in Mumbai & Bangalore, Sit Back & Relax we will collect your Furs blood and also deliver your reports Online.

Our team goal is to eradicate the Life threatening disease of animal like rabies, canine distemper, gastroenteritis etc. Though regular vaccination of your pets and stray and make India a disease free in animal health .
Veterinary doctor near me

Dr. Prashant Khamgal

Founder - B.V.Sc & AH, M.V.Sc

Founder, B.V.SC & AH - Mumbai Veterinary College.
M.V.Sc - Bangalore Veterinary College
( Animal Genetics and Breeding )

Home Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Mandar Gavkar

Veterinary Surgeon - B.V.Sc & AH, M.V.Sc

B.V.Sc & AH - Mumbai Veterinary College.
M.V.Sc - Bangalore Veterinary College
( Veterinary Surgeon and Radiology )

Vet Doctor Near Me

Dr. P. M. Morkane

Director - B.V.Sc & AH, M.V.Sc


Veterinary doctor near me

Dr Mayur Markad

Wildlife Veterinarian - B.V.Sc & AH, M.V.Sc

B.V.Sc & AH - Mumbai Veterinary College.
M.V.Sc - Bangalore Veterinary College
(Wildlife Veterinarian)


Neha L

IT Head, Bsc IT

Priya Bangar



You can be absolutely sure that using K vet's Veterinary doctors for a home visit ensures the highest standards of care for you and your pet. But don’t take our word for it: here are just what some of our many lovely clients have said about the treatment they received from our compassionate professionals.


Kvets one of the best in town with minimal charges also taking good care of your pets.



The best part of Kvets is they treat your Pet at your doorstep. 5 stars for sure. Thank you Kvets.



Professional, timely, and they always treat my Meow like she's their own! LOVE you Kvets !!!

CALL NOW : +91 91138 12996


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