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Sitting on your balcony with your Pet’s and watching the beautiful rains in a monsoon season with a Hot Coffee in one hand and Garma Garma Bhajiya in another is one of the beautiful feeling ever. Which also brings much calm to you and your loving best friend as well. In this rainy season, you take all the precautions by keeping yourself warm and staying indoors but what about your Fur buddy?
They are most likely to get ill due to moisture and lack of extracurricular activities. So make sure that your pal is healthy and also fit following some of the tips by Kvets has given below.

Ensure that your pet is dry.
In the Rainy season, the pets skin or fur is the breeding center for fungi and harmful bacteria’s. Make sure that your pet is dry every time. Using a blower or a hair dryer is always a good option.

Feed clean, boiled water
Make sure that your pet does not drink the water which is logged here and there, Consuming this water may lead to water born diseases. Avoid excess of meat foods and avoid rich fiber content packaged foods.

Keep the place dry and clean
keep the pet’s area free of Mosquito, fleas, ticks, and bugs as they can be quite menacing especially during monsoon.

Avoid outdoor activities
Since it is wet outside, avoid outdoor activities as much as you can. Make the pet active indoors by playing ball games, run up and down the stairs. Always wash his paws.

Make sure that vaccination of pet is up to the date if not consult your pet doctor at home immediately. Vaccinations provide immunity against the disease.

Watch for infection
Keep monitoring his act, during the rainy season they are often prone to infection. So while monitoring you find that your pet is scratching, licking or itching or he/she odors a lot consult your Veterinary doctor. And if you are in Bangalore don’t forget Kvets we are just a call away.

Following these things will make your Monsoon day really safe and enjoyable for you and your pet.